March 2018

My first solo project as a musician has been released via Bandcamp under the moniker impasto. My first release is "Isaiah," a small EP featuring some experimental acoustic recordings, sound collaging, and sampling. It serves as a personal introduction more than a cohesive body of work, but is the first chapter of many.

Stream and download the EP here .

November 2017

Ariane Kirtley's exhibition on the theme of nomadic peoples of Niger, their resilience and their survival in a context of increased water scarcity and climate change will be on display from November 17th to December 5th at the 100ecs gallery , 100 rue de Charenton, Paris. The exhibition is part of the "Ecology Week," and will also include performance artist Dani Ploeger and painter Françoise Veillon.

The exhibition features a series of photos Kirtley has taken on her travels to the Azawak of Niger to document the region's indigenous people's struggle for survival. Her time there has inspired the emergence of Amman Imman , an NGO focused on drilling borewells to eradicate those dying of thirst. It was an honor to do postproduction for the exhibition.