Past Projects

My professional life has brought me into contact with numerous sectors, many of which focusing on the intersection of technology and social impact. This has included researching technologies involved in global supply chain traceability for Verité as part of an initiative funded by the US Department of Labor, building an online library of business tools and case studies for the Platform Cooperativism Consortium, leading communications strategy for a CDFI focused on equitable economic development, contracting with small businesses and consultants as a content marketer and ghostwriter, conducting outreach for a startup tackling PPE access in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, managing an independent bookstore in America's heartland, and serving as a regular contributor to a variety of music magazines.


My undergraduate studies revolved around political theory, current social movements, and economic justice. It was during this time that I completed a thesis, built a website, and published research on digital economies and new forms of collective action. Prior to this concentration, I conducted grant-funded course development on feminist engagements with science, presented research on new materialist philosophy, and organized a symposium on microbiology and posthumanism. The overwhelming theme among these projects was a commitment to interdisciplinary and critical thought, an ethos which continues to inform my work.